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Citizens’ Freshwater Accord

Fellow New Zealanders – this is a call to action. The future of our water is far too important to leave to politicians. As individual citizens uniting for a common cause, we need to voice our concerns about New Zealand’s freshwater quality and we want action to protect and restore it.

Most New Zealanders believe things are not right as they are. Here is an opportunity to join together and have our say. This Accord is not political but we do need politicians of all parties to understand that our water must be looked after now and for future generations.

We can have a strong economy and a clean environment. Changes are required that will deliver true progress.

Please help make a stand for New Zealand’s freshwater.

We the undersigned citizens agree New Zealand’s freshwater must be swimmable, fishable and safe for food gathering.

To achieve this, we agree on the following 8 points.

1.    There is no “acceptable” level of water pollution in New Zealand.


2.    Immediate action must be taken to stop freshwater pollution.


3.    National standards for freshwater must not allow for further degradation of any freshwater or groundwater.


4.    Regional Councils must enforce their own policies and rules to prevent further water pollution. Regional Councils must be held accountable if water quality gets worse.


5.    Compulsory regulation of Primary Industry is needed to protect water from pollution.


6.    Identified polluters need to pay for the pollution they cause as it occurs.


7.    Corporations whose members pollute waterways must be held legally and financially accountable.

Any self regulation dealing with freshwater polluting activity must be independently audited annually and the results made public