About Us

WAI NZ is a not-for-profit organisation that is entirely supported by members through spreading the word, volunteer effort and donation.

Governance is provided by the WAI NZ board, on behalf of WAI NZ Ltd a not for profit company.

WAI NZ was formed following a series of public meetings and hui held to address the pollution of New Zealand-Aotearoa's freshwaters.

WAI NZ provides a national body through which anyone concerned about the state of our freshwater can take action to protect their local rivers streams and lakes.

We have volunteers throughout New Zealand-Aotearoa and are keen to have new people join us.

If you would like to help end freshwater pollution through identifying pollution and notifying the authorities tasked with the protection of our freshwaters, then please follow this link: How You Can Help.

We are keen for Volunteers to join with us to identify pollution so it can be notified to the authorities for action. Volunteers can also record positive changes in our waterways, so we can recognise how our waterways are improving.

You can also contact us.