Being a Volunteer for WAI NZ

WAI NZ is an outgrowth of the voluntary actions of ordinary New Zealanders seeking to protect our freshwaters. WAI NZ is an initiative to coordinate nationally, what have been, until recently, localised and uncoordinated efforts to save rivers and streams from pollution. 

In order to achieve New Zealand–wide coverage to protect all waterways, WAI NZ needs volunteers like you – people willing to take guardianship of their local rivers and streams and report when they are under threat from pollution. 

By providing consistent and accurate evidence to the authorities tasked with protecting New Zealand's freshwater, WAI NZ intends to make those causing the pollution accountable for their despoilment of our national resources. 

To be successful WAI NZ requires people to give time and energy to its purpose: whether volunteering directly through evidence–gathering or indirectly through the provision of other support, your voluntary contribution will go towards protesting the on–going destruction of New Zealand's waterways. 

There is a range of ways in which people can act through WAI NZ to express their concern for the state of our freshwater. By completing and submitting the volunteer form you can express your interest in becoming a WAI NZ volunteer. 

If you frequent a river or stream, "adopt" it by making its care and protection part of your routine. If you observe pollution affecting your river or stream, then use the WAI NZ website to report this pollution. When your report is received by WAI NZ it will be added to a national database and collated with other evidence from your region. 

Offer your knowledge and skills. WAI NZ is run entirely by volunteers, including the governance oversight provided by WAI NZ Board members. 

We are currently seeking expressions of interest for foundation volunteer roles:
Board Members, website admin, education, human resources,science communication,media. 

If you can imagine ways in which your knowledge or skills could be of benefit to WAI NZ then please let us know by contacting us at